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trans-mission video projects

"trans-mission" is a Europe-wide video competition for pupils and teachers for the European Year of Languages 2001. All European schools are invited to participate.

Xpress! 2000 Youth - Culture - Europe. This is a magazine for young people initiated by us in which 40 schools (Austrian as well as from the rest of Europe) contributed articles in the thematic areas of youth, culture and Europe. The goal of the project was the recognition of interest in the media and the development of an independent opinion within the framework of a practical media education. In this way the pupils learned to articulate their ideas and to implement them. The spectrum of contributions ranges from street interviews to music and youth culture; from experimental approaches to media criticism to a satire on talk shows.

Ad Spot 1999 offered pupils and teachers the possibility to advertise their project in a 30 second video clip. The projects show general aspects from culture, art, science, school and tourism. However the themes should not be regarded as isolated works. The project was primarily focused on the inter-relationship of these themes in the light of advertising. It was intended that the competence of the young people with regard to advertising should be promoted.

No borders? - Let's get together
The strengthening of the EU is one of the most important steps on the way towards integration and a peaceful, economically and socially stable Europe. It is also the greatest challenge for the Union. Border regions will be specially involved in the risks and opportunities of this expansion process. Thus the creation of an integrated, socially acceptable economic area irrespective of historical borders is one of the fundamental pre-conditions of achieving that end. In addition, the intensification of cross-border co-operation can be used as an active strategy to overcome existing fears.

Africa and Austria: Beyond Black and White and would like to invite teachers and pupils to participate in projects (within the framework of the media literacy awards) which lead to a lively and deepening relationship with people from Africa who live in Austria.