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media literacy award
What is the mla?
Check list
Project goals
Conditions of entry
Accompanying material and work sheets
Award of Prizes
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Submission and accompanying material

Registrationform media literacy award
For printing and sending by post or email.
Download "Registration" Download  PDF (130kB)
Download "Registration" Download  RTF (496kB)

Project description form
The Jury can only reach a decision if it receives enough information about the projects! We would strongly recommend that when you submit your project to the mla at the conclusion of the production phase that you complete and send in the offered Project Description Form which you can download here. Thank you.
Download "Project Description Form for Teachers" Download  PDF (94kB)
Download "Project Description Form for Teachers" Download  RTF (523kB)

Jury-Assessment sheet
Download "Jury-Assessment sheet" Download  PDF (66kB)


Accompanying material
A Storyboard is a drawn version of the script. For media productions which are usually carried out in team work a paper visualisation is something which can be very helpful. With the help of a Storyboard complex sequences, camera positions and angles can be worked out before shooting begins. Thus drawings and text are brought to paper and synchronised into a series. The series of images which results from this process can be perfected right up to shooting thus making communication with the whole team easier.
Download "Storyboard" Download  PDF (276kB)

Video Cutting list
The post-production phase begins after the shooting is completed. All the scene shot are entered in a cutting list along with a time code. This process makes the editing of the film and sound material easier. In the case of a feature film, the material is cut according to the script. In documentary film co-incidence can play an important role, an editing concept has to be developed out of the material which has been shot.
Download "Cutting list" (german only) Download  PDF (32kB)

Brochure on project teaching
The brochure - PROJECT - BASIC PRINCIPLES OF TEACHING PROJECTS - TIPS FOR IMPLEMENTATION contains the complete basic principles as revised. The TIPS FOR IMPLEMENTATION are intended to supplement and explain the basic principles and are directed at:
teachers who wish to utilise the methods of project-based teaching for the first time and require information as to implementation,
teachers who already have some experience with project-based teaching and wish to develop the method further and
teachers who need information as to the legal position in connection with project-based teaching.
Download "Tips on Project Teaching" (german only) Download  PDF (662kB)

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