Words in advertising

From the syllabus for primary and secondary schools:
Developing the child’s personality is directed on the one hand to strengthening the feeling of self esteem and on the other to developing understanding of others.
...understanding of manipulation, sensitising gender roles.

Have the children choose a sentence from advertising.
  • Is the sentence spoken by a woman, a man or a child?
  • What is the tone of voice of the sentence?
  • Is it said slowly or quickly?
  • Is the sentence repeated and if yes, how often?
  • What feelings do you get from it?
  • Do you feel better because of this music?
  • What is the sentence saying?
  • Is the sentence silent about something?
  • Which background noises do you recognise while the sentence is being said?
  • Does it give you information, make you curious, aggressive, fearful, happy?
  • Does the sentence try to convince you about something?
  • Which product is it advertising?
  • Does the product interest you?