Semiotic Laboratory - Convention/Context


"Whenever we think we have in our awareness a feeling, image, concept or another idea that is present and which serves as a sign. Every prior thought has a particular meaning for the following one and that means it is a sign for something for it."
(Pierce, Charles Sanders: Collected Papers. Harvard University Press, 1931 - 1958)

The media are not neutral window on the world!

In this area you will find uncomplicated possibilities of experimenting with the codes and conventions of the audio-visual media online. If you want to broaden your experiments you will find under Audiovisual Material both film and sound elements you can download.

Instructions for use:
With a mouse select your pictures by using the left-hand mouse button and dragging in to the “Meaning Frame” below. Note: This does not work with Netscape!


The meaning of the montaged sequence of images (A-D) can be influenced by the Sound.

Sound 1 Sound 2 Sound 3

Pictures with the friendly permission of the authors