media literacy award host annually a competition - the media literacy award® [mla] - for the best and most innovative educational media projects in European schools.
The following can be entered for the mla:

media literacy award
Print media & Comics
Multimedia & New media

Entries in these categories can include all. They should be innovative, amusing, original, exciting and/or experimental. Mini-dramas are as welcome as research projects in as far as they are unusual contributions to the theme. A jury will assess the entries and the best will be presented. [REGISTRATION]

"Being media competent is identical with the ability to think critically."
Joseph Weizenbaum
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Involvement with media in school can be many thing - complex, diverse, ambiguous, exciting and at times frustrating. By media we mean almost every method by which humans communicate something to each other, independent of the technology involved. We see words, images, graphics and sounds as the basic elements of the process which, even when considered more closely, still form the basis of even the most technologically complicated and costly "medium" of message transfer. It does not matter whether you want to criticise the content of the media and the media itself - ideally one is closely related to the other - the media literacy award is intended to motivate pupils to increase their ability to read and produce media texts.